SIPGI: an interactive pipeline for spectroscopic data reduction

The Spectroscopic Interactive Pipeline and Graphical Interface (SIPGI) is a complete spectroscopic data reduction environment based on the VIMOS Interactive Pipeline and Graphical Interface (VIPGI), the pipeline our group designed to carry out the reduction of optical spectroscopic data acquired with the VIMOS spectrograph.

The VIPGI efficiency and the quality of its data reduction products were such to make it the reduction pipeline of the major extragalactic surveys carried out with VIMOS (e.g. VVDS, zCosmos, VUDS, VIPERS, VANDELS). As a result of this long-lasting experience and thanks to the intrinsic adaptability of its design and capabilities, about ten years ago VIPGI was reshuffled into SIPGI, a new pipeline capable of reducing both optical and near-infrared spectroscopic data.

SIPGI has been used by the LBT spectroscopic data reduction center located at INAF-IASF Milan to reduce all the MODS and LUCI spectra acquired during the Italian time in the last ten years. This LBT-customized SIPGI version is now distributed as a stand-alone program.

For any question, comment, suggestion or for any request of help in the reduction of MODS/LUCI spectra with SIPGI, please contact us at lbt-italia-spec@inaf.it

SIPGI 1.2 (ChangeLog) is available on the DOWNLOAD page

SIPGI documentation is distributed with the code and is available HERE

A set of video tutorials to interactively learn how to use SIPGI is available HERE

SIPGI paper
SIPGI: an interactive pipeline for MODS and LUCI spectroscopic data reduction
A. Gargiulo, M. Fumana, S. Bisogni, P. Franzetti, L. P. CassarĂ , M. Scodeggio, B. Garilli, G. Vietri

Accepted for publication on MNRAS

SIPGI software DOI